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Side By Side strives to help medical and dental wives to grow strong in their relationship with Jesus Christ, with their husbands, and with one another. Being in a medical or dental marriage brings with it a unique set of circumstances. We are here to pray for, love and encourage one another through whatever those circumstances might be, to help meet the physical and emotional needs of these wives and in doing so demonstrate the love that Jesus has for them.

Standing by our husbands.

Being the wife of a [future] physician or dentist is not easy. Being a medical wife presents many unique challenges: moving to a new area where you may not know anyone, having your husband gone much of the time, and living on a limited income. For those who have children, it can sometimes feel like you are doing it all on your own. The good news is you don’t have to feel alone!

Striving with our sisters.

Side By Side provides you with a group of women who can relate to you, support you, and pray for you - and ultimately be the sister in Christ you need for whatever phase of life you are in. We are able to uniquely minister to each other since we have such a core part of our lives in common.


Walking with our God.
Jesus is the center of everything we do. We are here to make Him known and to help each woman grow in their walk with Christ. Through the study of the Bible, we walk with God and apply Biblical principles to our walks with God, encouraging one another to strive after His heart and will for us and our families.


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